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Plans, Goals and Achievements

    I love the concept of a fresh new year as I turn the page of the calendar over and peer into all that blank space ahead.

    The future seems full of promise and opportunity. It’s like we’re given another chance to get it all right from now on in.

    As the clock rings in a New Year, we’re given the chance to reflect on our past, remember our achievements and learn from our failures.

    New Year’s Resolutions are etched with fervour and wonderful intentions:

    • lose weight
    • give up smoking/drinking
    • watch less TV
    • drink more water
    • spend more time with xxx
    • do better
    • finish that book
    • exercise more

    … and the list goes on.

    Encouragement and motivation to change start strong with the vengeance of a firm believer. By late February however they have died on the vine of good intentions.

    In my experience of Coaching people through achieving their plans, one of the biggest reasons for failing to stay the course is this: they don’t have enough of a reason WHY they want to achieve that resolution.

    And what is a resolution other than a goal, plan or aspiration?

    SO, to make sure you stick with your plans to give up old habits/adopt new habits ask yourself “why?”.

    • Why do you want to do it
    • Why do you not want to stay the same
    • Why will it be better for you to change?

    Keep asking yourself until you run out of ideas. Write those why’s down and have them readily accessible. Read them every day to remind yourself why you are putting yourself through this process. Revisit them when you sense your resolve starting to fade.

    And you know what? You don’t have to wait for a New Year to decide to change. If you think about it, every day starts a new year!