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Periscope – Social Informer

    Periscope and video streaming

    I’ve gotta say, Barb Ling confuses the pants off me. How in heavens does she keep so far ahead of the curve? Her jedi-like mind seems to see into the future before anyone else. Then, quicker than a cheetah can outrun a gazelle, she whips off a solidly useful and timely product line to meet the market.

    Periscope Social Informer is a case in point. This is a brilliant tool for anyone who is into the video streaming space or wants to be or has clients who are. Seriously, I still don’t get it. I’m reeling from the cleverness of this product. Deceptively simple.

    Go check it out. It’s already #2 on Top Sales of the day. Grab it while it’s on the rise and not full price yet.