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Online Business: Spin The Plates

    Something you have to work out when you start in internet marketing is how you sort out the minefields of information and decide which ballpark you want to play in.

    If you scan through my categories list you’ll get an appreciation  for the many different ways you can create a presence online and earn an income through one or a combination of methods.

    If you are building a business, it pays to understand what each one of these areas is and does. But don’t get caught up trying them all – you’ll be doomed to failure.

    The trick is to choose one that may suit your capabilities and develop it to the point where you are employing the techniques to best effect and have started to generate an income. Then build it so it continues to generate with little extra effort before moving on to the next method.

    Remember the circus and the guy who’d spin all those plates? He’d get one spinning before starting the next, then get that going before starting the next. Then he’d run back to keep the first ne spinning. And so it went on. That’s how to build your business. get one spinning and earning before starting to spin another. Then as you build that one, go back to the first one from time to time to keep it spinning.