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New Year Resolutions – Social Media

    2012 Social Media Resolutions

    Well here we are in mid-February and today I happened upon this site by researching what people intend to do with their social media tools this year.

    Makes for interesting reading.

    2012 Social Media ResolutionsSeems most folk are separating out their personal and other contacts to share differently with.

    Many are being a little more discreet (although not sure that’s universal seeing some of the messages lately!) 

    Finally, more people intend to dedicate less time to their social media interactions.


    I’m on Twitter, Facebook , Linked in and Foursquare.

    The last one I got caught up in early – the competitive side of me wanted those badges and to be in the lead on check0ins. Now I barely touch it so that’s one SM I worry less about now.

    I’ve reduced my interaction with LinkedIn – rarely even look at the group messages – it’s become very marketing orienatted and it’s value to me has dissipated but I admit I don;t really have a strategy for it – that may change later this year.

    Faceboook I use to keep up with distant family members and that’s about it.

    Twitter – that’s random. I have barely twittered lately and yet people still follow me.

    So, for me I find I don’t have the time to use Social Media. I do believe it can be a great tool. I just haven’t refined my strategy for using it and my early-adopter random approach has not been useful.

    What’s your use of social media like these days?