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Hundreds of Blog Topic Ideas


    Blogging is brilliant fun. It’s useful and informative and fills a creative void for many bloggers. But there are times when the well runs dry. Or maybe you’re just staring out and just wondering what you could possibly write about.

    In preparation for my editorial calendar this year I searched online for what people have suggested as blog topics. Many are very specific; some a quite general; all stimulate ideas on topics for my blogs and with a little lateral thinking there is no reason why you couldn’t find 12 blog posts – one for each month of the year. Or 52 blog posts – one for each week. Or even 365 blog posts – one a day!

    Here are 10 posts to titillate your brain’s creative juices. Don’t sit down and read each one. Follow my 5 minute plan:

    1. Go to a few listed sites
    2. Scan the ideas
    3. Pick the ones that jump out at you
    4. Plug those sparks into notepad then
    5. Close down and
    6. Start writing your series of blog posts!

    When you run dry again – rinse and repeat!

    Check them out.