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How To Be More Successful – Finish

    being unsuccessful

    Success in the IM world is about getting your message out there and making money from it.

    Sadly, too many shoot themselves in the foot and wonder why it’s not happening for them.

    One popular way to shoot yourself in the foot is to never get anything done.

    Starting lots of projects is not going to make you money.

    Having tons of ideas is not going to make you money.

    Publishing finished products with a buy buttton gives you your starting point. You then have to market and promote the product so people can find it and buy it.

    Finishing products is a huge stumbling block for a lot of people.

    They have the ideas, they can fashion some words together … but something stops them from getting it done and sold.

    Bright shiny objects, poor organisation of files, lack of systematic approaches to work, bad time management practices … the list of obstacles goes on – feel free to add your own here!


    What it comes down to is fiddling. Fiddling can feel productive. You’re doing stuff. You’re creating something even if only a few pages. You’re rewriting PLR. You’re adding tweaks like affiliate links or upsells or links back to your site. You’re actively branding it so it has the right colours and images and fonts. But at the end of the day it’s all just fiddling unless you finish it.

    Be a finisher.

    If you tend to fiddle, pick one thing to complete today. Stick with it until it’s done. Then schedule to slap a buy button it and put it up on your website before the end of the week.

    You got this.