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How Do You Know You’re Being Unrealistic?

    You feel it in your body, or your mental state, or your mood. You feel overwhelmed, like you’re not achieving what you need or want to achieve. You rail against things.

    I have been trying to head into a full time life online without closing out the obligations from my former life. Sometimes you need to be realistic in your expectations of what you actually achieve, and focus on the priorities (especially ones impacting others).

    I realised I fell for the trap of the excitement and possibilities of the new and compared that to the drudgery of the admin of the old that I’d let slide.

    Time to stop being a child.

    I’m making plans for 2014 and they get clearer everyday.

    I am now consciously putting implementation on hold until I complete outstanding issues. Then I can kick off 2014 with an actionable plan, free of guilt or mental encumbrance. Fresh!

    Had I been better organised I could have set this end of the year up differently and so less stressful. Actually, no. I created stress by taking on commitments and becoming engaged in the future which was unrealistic given my other responsibilities.

    Lessons learned?

  • Meet your obligations in the ‘real world’ before spending too much time building your online business.
  • If you have the opportunity to schedule an hour or two a day/week for moving toward the future, spend that time creating plans and doing small actions
  • When you have more time, start building relationships and network online
  • Lots of people have built their online business part time while holding down a full time job.

    The trick is in managing yourself.

    And your expectations.

    4 thoughts on “How Do You Know You’re Being Unrealistic?”

    1. I agree with you. Am new to the online marketing stuff. Have spent half of my life doing nothing online than to chat and downloading of games. I just started a blog and i think your idea might help me. Holding on to the real world is a good plan.

    2. When I first decided to monetize my blog I was really unrealistic with my targets. And my budget actually. I had to sit down and make a more realistic plan or I think I would currently be losing money in my first year lol.

      Louise x

      Confessions of a Secret Shopper

      1. Ahh that’s the magic – finding the sweet spot between realistic an unrealistic! Thanks for stopping by, Louise.

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