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Get Your Business Cards Out There

    One of the things people spend a lot of time and money over .. or no time and money at all on … is business cards. It’s timely for me because I’ve just used up my last 1000 cards that  I had printed for a conference I did a little while back. So i pulled out my current business card, and the prior one, and the few I used before that. One thing I noticed is that each time I produce a business card it’s never the same look twice! The colours are different, the style is different, the format is different. One thing that never changes is the type of information I put on it.

    I know that flies in the face of the marketing experts and the graphic design branding gurus who espouse a consistent look and feel to your business presentation tools. Frankly I’ve never wanted to spend the money on finessing things like that. It’s been more important to me to just get a card n my hand so I can out it in someone else’s or in an envelope or on a platform table or in a book.

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    My very first business card was from trusty old Vistaprint. It was the cheapest card you could get – I just paid for the postage and it had the Vistaprint branding on the back of the card but it did the job .. I got the card out there and I started to get business.

    My next set of cards were from … Vistaprint. This time I could afford to pay more to have content on the back of the card and I put my face on it as well so people would remember me better.

    My last set of cards I had professionally done – I used a graphic artist to render a design and had a proper printing specialist produce them on flash cardstock in a satin matte finish. You know what? I didn’t like them. And they cost me more than I paid through Vistaprint for the double-sided version I did earlier.

    Buy More. Save More at Vistaprint!No surprise that I’m about to hop back on the web and order my next batch of cards through Vistaprint again. I’m happy to promote them because I’ve actually used the product and continue to do so. But here’s the tip .. look out for special offers – Vistaprint. Just watch out for all those add-on extras like increasing the number of cards you order, the back side printing, the premium cardstock.

    Pay for what you can afford, give out as many cards as you can to prospects and then, improve your business card when the money is there.