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Get Paid As a Writer

    write writing plan

    write writing planDon’t know about you but I love writing. I’m not always as consistent or as productive as I’d like to be and that’s why I’ve just joined this new Course.

    This is shaping up to be the key to me achieving my writing goals next year. Best part is, it’s just started so by getting in on the ground floor you get to ride the lift all the way 🙂

    Here’s what’s included…

    • a year-long, comprehensive, self-paced training course covering what you need to learn to become a successful, money-making writer.
    • designed to help every writer accomplish his or her writing, publishing, and sales goals no matter whether you write eBooks, articles, short fiction, PLR, reports, print books, microfiction, information products.
    • doesn’t matter if you’re new to writing or you’ve been at it for awhile, you’ll gain access to customizable exercises, planning guides, and information, so you can start new projects, complete ones that need to be finished, and branch out into other areas to position yourself to earn more with your writing.
    • suited to writers of fiction or nonfiction or for people like me who do plenty of both!
    • this course helps you lay the proper foundation for success no matter what your writing goal.
    • the pace at which you work, and the writing challenges you choose are totally up to you but the aim is to push you to become a better writer, one who is better at getting the writing, marketing, and selling done.

    Sound good?

    Check it out here.

    This IS a paid group and it’s definitely worth grabbing the special entry fee while the sale is on.

    I’m in! I so need the guidance, support and accountability as well as the tools from this course and group to make my dreams come true.  Join me?