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Free Image Resources

    I have a thing about using free images which aren’t really “free”.

    When I’m in production-mode, it’s tempting to just do a quick web search for an image, snavel it and load it into the blog or eBook or brochure and make everything look whizz-bang. But unless you’ve bought or gained rights to use that image legitimately then, well, you’re stealing. And with the algorithms churning through online sites finding illegal use of images, you could be slapped on the wrists or worse, slapped with a writ. Ain’t nobody got the time or money for that!

    Way better to get it right the first time and avoid all risk.

    Here’s a great article with some beaut sites to check out but as always – user beware – read the fine print (ie terms of use) of any site you intend to download an image from to be sure your rights (and theirs).

    Even better, use images you’ve photograped or created yourself, or, invest in your business and buy relevant images – you can often use thenm more than once to get value from your outlay.