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Do You Profit From Repeatable Systems?

    Eons ago, when the Earth was young, I had thoughts of becoming a Trainer.

    Sage advice was passed to me. “You can’t make money in Training: you never get paid for your development time”.

    That sounded wise and I believed it.

    Having had my own successful Training Consultancy now for ten years, I can recognise the naivety in that advice.

    You can make plenty of profit from training by developing once and selling multiple times.

    The same model works for marketing online.

    Start, do it once, then do it again and again.

    Create or source a product. Build an option page, build a sales page, build an autoresponder series. Rinse and repeat. It really can be that simple. Even simpler.

    The trick is not to become distracted and discouraged.

    Put a system in place and work it, again and again until it bears fruit.