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Custom Fields and Their Limitations

    iContact has a range of standard fields you can use.

    • prefix – First name -Last name – suffix – Business name – Email – Phone – Fax – Address1 – Address2 – City – State – Zip

    You also have the capacity to include extra fields beyond the standard ones provided. This is useful. One of the issues with it is that you can only set up two field types:

    • a checkbox
    • or text

    So, if you want to plug in for example birthdates, they have to be text. The challenge with this is that when you want to search them, it’s problematic. I was advised that you can search the text field by using eg 4* in the search field to return the contacts with eg April in their birthdate field. It didn’t work.

    At this stage I also can’t find where I can view my contacts data fields other than the basic ones ie name, email address, date added

    Watch this space. I’m still hunting a solution.


    • To view all of the data fields for a contact in iContact go to My Contacts, Browse Contacts and click on the paper and pencil icon to edit the contacts information for each individual.
    • To view all the data fields for all of the contact you have to export the contacts by going to My Contacts, Browse Contacts, scroll to the bottom and choose Export.