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Be Productive, Not Busy

    At times, we get caught up in the little things that we feel need to be done. Right now, for example, I am in clean up mode in my office. I can get so productive that I jump from one thing to the next and before I know it my space looks like a war zone, or a teenager’s bedroom!

    In cleaning up I cam across this quote I plucked out of Tim Ferris’s 4-hour Work Week book:

    “The size of your bank account doesn’t change by the number of hours you log in handling unimportant email or minutiae” Tim Ferris

    Every now and then I think we all need to be reminded of the priorities.

    It can be easy to focus on the easy things to do, like trolling through email and tidying up things so they are just so. In the end what matters is whether you are attending to the important things like client proposals, client reports, delivering value, publishing articles, building links, putting up sales letters, adding opt-ins, connecting the pieces together and maximising their utility.

    stop[1]So, every now and then stop and check in with yourself.

    • Is what I am working on right now building revenue now?
    • Is there something I am better spending my time on now?
    • Can I reschedule what I am doing so it fits better with my priorities?

    Make sure you are productive, not just busy.

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    1. This is short, sweet and on the button. This is an eye opener that should not be underestimated. Great tips Mel, thanks so much.

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