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7 Final Tips To Easily Get Ideas and Create Hot Products: 5 of 5

    ideas for creating information products
    7 Final Ideas For You

    In the series we’ve looked at ideas for creating products from scratch, from other existing products and what type of product to deliver.

    Now we’re at the closing stages of product creation with some more ideas to help.

    And here they are. Notes follow the video.


    Before you launch your new baby out into the world, test-drive it! Read it over, check for errors, make sure the quality is there. Importantly, make sure your info product does what it says it will do.

    We can be too close to our products. Engage a friend to take it for a test drive. If there is a problem then your friend may find it before releasing it. What they pick up might fine-tune the product and improve sales.

    In fact, why not establish a test group? Previous customers or even people who do not know you or your products could give you feedback. That could ensure you pick up anything really important to exclude or include before release.

    Think about the customer experience. Check that the product itself is user friendly and easily accessible. Not everyone has fast broadband so make sure they can consume easily regardless of what equipment they have. Check download size and speed.

    Think about extra products that will support your main product. Checklists, worksheets, templates etc can help sell your main product more easily. These could be upsells or bonuses.

    Every good writer knows to put their writing aside for a few days and look at it with fresh eyes after a few days. It’s surprising how effective this method is. Do the same with your product. If everything still looks good, launch it!

    Forget perfection. Keep your product offerring simple and uncomplicated. Buyer indecision comes from confusion and too much choice. Make it easy for them to buy from you.

    Your Final Series Tip

    Whatever you produce, be proud of it. If you are embarrassed about what you have developed and you don’t think it’s good enough then rework it until you’re satisfied. Build a reputation for quality products you’re proud to have your name on!

    Want to discover cool techniques to make sure your product idea has the most chance of success?

    Go to my blog post for more …

    Which of the tips today is the one or two you most need to focus on?


    10 thoughts on “7 Final Tips To Easily Get Ideas and Create Hot Products: 5 of 5”

    1. More excellent tips, Mel. I always let my husband do a test drive. I know he’ll be honest with me. There’s a friend overseas who is the same, so if she gets a chance, she’ll do it too. I know how important testing is from a software point of view, so apply that in my products 🙂

    2. Awesome post, Mel!

      I always like to let my writing “simmer” a few days before releasing it. With blog posts, I try to write them in advance so they have a chance to sit and I can pick it back up with a pair of fresh eyes.

      Beta testers for a product, I like that idea! Great minds think alike! 🙂

    3. Awesome tips, Mel. It’s so important to test your product out. One thing I would add is to have someone go through your sales letter and buy your product. This ensures that the payment system works correctly and that there are no errors. Many people will abandon a purchase if they can’t figure out how your payment options work.

    4. It is definitely a good idea to step away from your product for a couple of days if you can. Then you can revisit it with fresh eyes. Errors and points of confusion will be much easier to detect when you are not so up close and personal to it.

      Getting someone else to look it over is an excellent idea too.

    5. Test driving it is a necessity – no matter what price point you put a product out at. I’m saying that as a user of info products rather than a creator (still haven’t got finished!)

      Great tips Mel, especially 35!

      1. Yep. I’m disappointed in the ‘push out a product every 3 days’ mentality – very difficult to create that much product and maintain decent quality standards unless you have a team of people working for you. Creating a good user experience by testing improves repeat business.

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