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7 Bonus Tips To Easily Get Ideas and Create Hot Products: 4 of 5

    ideas on how to create a product
    Creating information products are a great way to make money online. Being able to come up with ideas for a product is one thing. But it may not seem doable.

    There are other ways. Let’s look at some of those.

    Sometimes, coming up with your own product from scratch still seems a dream. Build your confidence by being an affiliate for someone else’s product. Watch what they produce and how they do it.

    If you dig around you might be able to have an affiliate product as a ‘white label’ product. That allows you to brand it and sell it under your own name.

    Acquire the master resell rights of a previously developed product so you can onsell it. Again you can inspect how the product was put together and learn more.

    Why not look into merging two products that you acquire from others into one complete package? You’ll give it a fresh look. Just make sure you have the rights to do so.

    Discover where your audience is. Tap into your social networks, do searches, and deploy word of mouth to find out who would be interested in buying or reviewing the product.

    Keep the language simple. Avoid jargon and specific industry terms. If you need to use technical terms, explain things in everyday language as much as possible.

    Keep an eye out for relevant for material that has passed into the public domain. Make sure you can use it then think about how it can be reworked into your own product and design a new cover package.

    Bonus Tip

    Don’t stop at one product! Add to your product line by asking customers for ideas. You can easily set up a page on your site, send email questions or use a survey service like surveymonkey. Ask for thoughts on what people would like to see in a product.

    Want to discover cool techniques to make sure your product idea has the most chance of success?

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    8 thoughts on “7 Bonus Tips To Easily Get Ideas and Create Hot Products: 4 of 5”

    1. So many things to think about. I used to buy products just to pull them apart, but I never really got much information by doing this — reason being, too many product creators through things together without much thought.

      You can’t learn much this way, can you?

      1. You can learn what NOT to do!

        Rookies do find it hard initially to work out good content and methods but a discerning eye comes with practice, networking and experience.

        When I started I bought products which were very ordinary and poorly compiled. I also bought a few PLR which others had ‘recommended’ but they were not the quality I’d put my name on. Now, I’m going back to those products and reworking them bit by bit.

    2. Another great post, Mel. One way to come up with new product ideas is to follow best-selling lists in JVZoo or Clickbank. By studying what’s hot, you’ll get to see which products flop and which ones succeed.

    3. Creating a brand new product from white label content that you have purchased is an excellent idea. A good way to get started if you are unsure of your own writing abilities.

    4. I love the idea of following others and learning from them. The idea of seeing how someone else puts their product together and then markets it is great, and being an affiliate is an excellent way of doing that. That’s how I figured out how to put my first product together. I looked at what others were doing, found a market and then followed what I’d learnt.

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