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How Well Do You Do Social Media?

    Keeping content up and fresh; covering all the social media bases; getting engagement… It’s a full time job – and very demoralising when you don’t seem to get returns for your sweat and tears. Here’s a quick tip – if you’re not getting ANY interaction on your posts, check your settings! I found I had switched mine recently which meant no-one was seeing anything I put up! Well here’s a kid – and I mean kid – who got it nailed from the get-go. Seriously, this kid is a future marketer – and he’s already showing us how easy it… Read More »How Well Do You Do Social Media?

    video marketing tips mel day video 101

    What I Learned Today – Video 101

      Video is not my strong point. I’ve hooked up to a Video Blog Challenge and have done a few videos so far but there’s more to video than just doing a slideset with voiceover or a talking head vid. That in itself is great – it’s a big jump to get over – to put yourself out there in voice and vision! Videos are definitely an additional arrow in your armoury to get traction online. Apart from self-image, it’s about how to present those videos effectively and how to increase the traffic to them. So, I’m on a journey to… Read More »What I Learned Today – Video 101

      Using YouTube? Here Are 10 Video Plugins That May Help Your Reach

        I am not a big user of video yet in terms of product creation or marketing. I will get into it and I came across this info from a post by Kim Castleberry and I know it will come in handy. The one I’m liking most right now and can use straight away is #10.

        Get Better Ranking in YouTube: SEO Trick

          Here’s a really cool technique to increase the chance of getting your YouTube videos to page one in Google. I’ve heard of this method before but now the steps are clear in this video:

          1. choose a four-word keyword phrase that has thousands of searches
          2. make a short 2-3 minute video on the topic with a call to action to go to your website
          3. upload the video to YouTube
          4. do something special with the title, description and tags
          5. add some more seo, get likes, shares, ping etc
          6. sit back and see if it works!

          My notes from the vid:

          • Title – up to maximum of 12 words in title. Use the 4-word keyword phrase AND 3 word keyword phrase repeating 3 of the 4 words AND another 3 word keyword phrase repeating 3 other of the 4 keywords . Example BEST JALAPENO CHILLI RECIPES – BEST CHILLI RECIPES – BEST JALAPENO RECIPES
          • When producing your video, include Captions and Callouts –Read More »Get Better Ranking in YouTube: SEO Trick

          Free Video Creation Series

            Excellent free series here from Mark Hess. Check it out and learn. How To Get Started… Generate Ideas for Videos… Set up A YouTube Channel… Upload to YouTube… Market on YouTube…