Get Better Ranking in YouTube: SEO Trick

Get Better Ranking in YouTube: SEO Trick

Here’s a really cool technique to increase the chance of getting your YouTube videos to page one in Google. I’ve heard of this method before but now the steps are clear in this video:

  1. choose a four-word keyword phrase that has thousands of searches
  2. make a short 2-3 minute video on the topic with a call to action to go to your website
  3. upload the video to YouTube
  4. do something special with the title, description and tags
  5. add some more seo, get likes, shares, ping etc
  6. sit back and see if it works!

My notes from the vid:

  • Title – up to maximum of 12 words in title. Use the 4-word keyword phrase AND 3 word keyword phrase repeating 3 of the 4 words AND another 3 word keyword phrase repeating 3 other of the 4 keywords . Example BEST JALAPENO CHILLI RECIPES – BEST CHILLI RECIPES – BEST JALAPENO RECIPES
  • When producing your video, include Captions and Callouts – YouTube ‘reads’ text in your video so add keywords in video itself
  • In the description, use your keyword phrase first or at least in the first sentence
  • Make sure you choose the best most appropriate category for your video topic
  • Use your best keywords in the first three tags listed – up to 30 keywords/phrases can be used
  • Comment on your own video first using your keywords in the comment

UPDATE on SEO YouTube Method

I tried this technique when I posted yesterday, less than 24 hours ago. I didn’t follow the instructions specifically but close.

Result? This morning I searched G for the 3 keyword phrases I used.

  • None of them landed on the first page of Google search.
  • One landed twice on page 2 – both my blog with the video embed and the YouTube video page
  • One landed on page 2 for my blog embed
  • the final phrase didn’t make ther firs 6 pages  I obviously weakened it and it’s highly competitive

Weirdly enough, no keywords end up on the first two pages of a YouTube search. However, within an hour of posting the video yesterday, I was on page 1 for all 3, above vids that were up to 2-3 years old. Maybe YouTube has cottoned on to this tactic?

I’ll have another go and more strictly comply with the instructions.

Let me know how it goes for you…

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