What I Learned Today – Video 101

What I Learned Today – Video 101

Video is not my strong point. I’ve hooked up to a Video Blog Challenge and have done a few videos so far but there’s more to video than just doing a slideset with voiceover or a talking head vid.

That in itself is great – it’s a big jump to get over – to put yourself out there in voice and vision!

Videos are definitely an additional arrow in your armoury to get traction online. Apart from self-image, it’s about how to present those videos effectively and how to increase the traffic to them.

So, I’m on a journey to learn more about this stuff.

My recent videos were recorded on an iPhone and were done in portrait format. A colleague pointed out it would have presented better in landscape – there would not have been those wide tabs on either side of the YouTube screen.

I went in search of a solution to reformat the existing videos so they would fit the YouTube resolution of 16:9. I played with video formatters and converters for two hours before I gave up. Nothing seemed to do the trick so message is – yes, record in landscape mode!

That however got me thinking about improving my YouTube channel.

I’m including a quick tutorial so you can see where to do these things. Apologies – it’s quick and dirty and I’ve a lot to learn about video screen capture tuts!!

Here’s what I managed for today. Notes below:

  1. Added a SUBSCRIBE image to every video in my channel: you can add a subscribe image which will populate ALL your videos.
  2. Added additional links in my description box: you can add more commentary in the description box and that can include your webpage, your Video Playlist link and the link to Subscribe to your channel.
  3. Annotated a video to see how the Subscribe link works: you can add an annotation to your video and this can be a subscribe link on screen.
  4. Set up playlists for my video series: you can put a series of videos together in a playlist – that can be easier for your viewers to find like material, and you can use the playlist link for traffic purposes. It also helps for ranking better in YouTube referral videos if you get enough traffic to one or two of the videos in a playlist.
  5. Checked my stats: you have a wealth of info available under ‘Analytics’ and that can help you find what’s working well.

12 thoughts on “What I Learned Today – Video 101

  1. Cool that you are learning the ins and outs of YouTube. I need to go back and add clickable links to the end of my vids to direct people to the blog. Just have to find the time. lol

  2. I have a subscribe link (at the top right-hand corner of my video screen) in all my videos, but I found that people don’t generally subscribe from that button plastered there.

    YOU STILL have to tell them to subscribe to your channel. 🙂

  3. I have so much to do for my business… including little things like this to beef up my channel…. I need to add more links etc. 🙂 Thank you for the message…. have to add this to my to do list HA

  4. Mel these are some great resources and what’s more they’re already built into You Tube. You covered a lot in the video and did an awesome job doing it! Seems the more videos you do, the better you get!

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