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Convert Visitors To Subscribers

    When someone visits your website and leaves, it’s a good chance that they won’t come back. Why would they if there is no compelling reason to do so? You know we all act impulsively on the web – so much so that we can quickly forget what web pages we were on a few minutes ago! Fact remains, your visitor may not come back to your website again.  Ouch! If 1,000 people visit your website, leave and never come back just imagine the potential revenue opportunity lost. If you could have converted a fraction of those visitors into customers, you’d be doing better on your bottom line. Sure,… Read More »Convert Visitors To Subscribers

    Workable List Building Tips Part 1

      The Money Is In The List How many times have you heard that? Reason is, it’s true. I recall when I was looking to sell my business a few years ago that the only thing people were interested in before anything else was the size and quality of my database. Why? Because that is whom you market to: it’s where your money comes from. Same in the online world.  So pretend you’re at school and write that statement out a hundred times until it is second nature! To help you build your list, here are 7 tips for you. Relevance… Read More »Workable List Building Tips Part 1