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domain names

What I learned today

    Learning is a lifelong process and that is never more true than in online marketing! With that in mind, here are a few things I picked up today that may also be useful to you… Email Marketing Avoid using a free email account address as your reply email for your email autoresponder messages or campaigns. Use your own domain name email rather than eg a gmail address. It improves deliverability. If you don’t have a website, spend $10 and buy a domain name just for using as an email server for your email marketing. I recommend and use NameCheap. When you are… Read More »What I learned today

    12 Must Have Blog Techniques and Tools

      Blogging can really take up a LOT of time. Want to blog smarter and not so much harder? Check out which if these activities you are doing to blog smarter. 1. Maximize SEO Things like explicit, unique title tags and good meta description tags are not so important these days. Google keeps changing it algorithms but what stays the same is the need for quality unique content. The trick is getting found. Tools like All-In-One-SEO-Pack are great. Don’t overdo it or get too complicated. You’ll learn as you go. Start simple and build grunt over time. 2. Use stats. Get… Read More »12 Must Have Blog Techniques and Tools

      Getting Your Domain Name

        Setting up an online business can be done a number of ways.

        You don’t need to have your own hosting and website. I’d argue it’s better if you do, just not necessary if you can’t manage the funds for hosting (which is not more than a cup of coffee a month!).

        For those who can’t manage that, or who have a different model of business based on a bunch of squidoo lenses for example, there are lots of free places to start your web career.

        • Wix
        • Weebly
        • WordPress
        • Blogger
        • Tumblr
        • etc

        What you do need though, imho, is your own domain name. Why? Firstly, you have some sense of control. If your host locks you down for any reason, you can redirect your domain to another server for example. Secondly, by choosing a good EMD (exact match domain name), you improve your SEO.

        So make sure you have a clear plan on what your business will look like. That will dictateRead More »Getting Your Domain Name

        Domain Name Scams

          The internet is a wonderful place and at the same time there are unscrupulous people trying to catch the unwary.

          In the mail I have received at various times a notification of my domain names due for renewal. The document looks authentic and appears to be a regular business invoice. I’m confident some of these end up in unsuspecting accounts departments and get paid. The only thing is that what these documents authorise is that you transfer your domain to them as your new registrar and you get to pay 100 times the going cost of renewing a domain!

          Another one I got today by email is reproduced here for all to be aware:

          From Tom Zu []

          Letter to the president or brand owner, thanks)

          Dear President,

          We are the department of Asian Domain Registration Service in china.I have something to confirm with you. We formally received an application on may 7, 2012 that a companyRead More »Domain Name Scams