Getting Your Domain Name

Getting Your Domain Name

Setting up an online business can be done a number of ways.

You don’t need to have your own hosting and website. I’d argue it’s better if you do, just not necessary if you can’t manage the funds for hosting (which is not more than a cup of coffee a month!).

For those who can’t manage that, or who have a different model of business based on a bunch of squidoo lenses for example, there are lots of free places to start your web career.

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • etc

What you do need though, imho, is your own domain name. Why? Firstly, you have some sense of control. If your host locks you down for any reason, you can redirect your domain to another server for example. Secondly, by choosing a good EMD (exact match domain name), you improve your SEO.

So make sure you have a clear plan on what your business will look like. That will dictate the type of web presence you need.

Then grab your domain name/s so you have the flexibility to use them as it suits you at the time it suits you. For the investment, it’s small bikkies for better returns.

Heck. If you manage to snag a brilliant domain and build it up, you could be sitting on a goldmine that is saleable. Consider good domain names potential investments. They comprise part of your business assets.

Personally, I use NAMECHEAP. They are low in price, high in quality of service and dead-easy to use. Click on the image to check them out. They often have special deals on …

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I’m pretty impressed. You get included, things that some others charge for:

  • Free WhoisGuard Protection
  • Free Url & Email Forwarding
  • Featured DNS Services
  • Full Domain Control
  • Security Features
  • to name a few benefits

Check out NAMECHEAP. Then you can check out others, but I use them – that’s why I recommend them.

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