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7 Ways To Get More Done

    Time management is a pain. I can go through periods of demonic production and at other times I can be like the laziest beach bum around. If I could just harness those extremes together and be more consistent I know I can get more done. Well, here’s what I’m working on to do just that. 1. Putting together a short list of essential must-do’s – and do this at night so when I wake up I don’t have to think. I just do. I can spend a  lot of time flapping about and being unfocused so this is one way… Read More »7 Ways To Get More Done

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    Why You Need a Schedule for Internet Marketing

      Hey! It’s Easter. Happy Easter to you in whatever way is meaningful for you. Given you most likely have a little time on your hands around now then it’s a good time to do a bit of reflection on your business. Let’s take a look at your schedule. Schedule? “What schedule?” I hear you ask. Ahh then listen up! If you really want to make solid progress in your online marketing efforts then a schedule is what you need to have. It’s one of those basic building block of business. Keeping everything you have to do in your head is… Read More »Why You Need a Schedule for Internet Marketing

      if not now, when

      Is Your Business a Hobby?

        “Nothing happens without a sale” isn’t quite true. A lot happens to get a sale. The first thing being, you need something to sell. If you don’t have something to sell and offered for sale then you don’t have a business, you have a hobby. So, ask yourself – “where are my buy buttons?” Can’t find them? Maybe you don’t have a business after all. Now if you are literally just starting out then you might be excused – just make sure you don’t fall into the perpetual student syndrome. A buy button could be a digital or a physical… Read More »Is Your Business a Hobby?

        morning routines

        7 Morning Routines to Adopt

          I know, I know. You’re busy enough already. But seriously, if you’re not improving you’re standing still and the world keeps moving without you. Successful people are habitual and the habits they inculcate serve them, or they wouldn’t keep doing them. So learn from those who are successful and apply their practices to your life. Maybe you can emulate their success. Anik Singal recently posted about 7 Things Rich People Do Every Morning and from my viewpoint they are worthy of trialling and testing to see  what improvement you can make over 30 days. Read Every Day. Read to learn,… Read More »7 Morning Routines to Adopt

          Productivity Tip – Weekend Plans

            Weekends are great. They give you a chance to connect with others, rejuvenate your brain and body and unplug from the everyday. For some it’s the only time they get to work ON their business. Make sure you carve out 30-60 minutes from the weekend to sit down uninterrupted. Get a coffee or tea. Grab a pen and paper. Jot down all the things that worked well for you last week. What you attempted, what you got done, what you achieved. Think about the week in a positive way if it wasn’t all good news for you. Pull out the… Read More »Productivity Tip – Weekend Plans