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How To Write a Book: Eat an Elephant (Pt 2)

How To Write a Book: Eat an Elephant (Pt 2)

Great, so we have chapter one underway and indeed published!  Read on for the next instalment of this clever plan to finalise your book and build your business.

Now to phase two.

  1. Write the next 10-20 pages by choosing another sub-topic.
  2. When complete, email it to your list of 10 customers as a bonus for buying the first chapter.
  3. Update your sales page to include benefits from the second chapter,
  4. Sell the new chapter at $11 and promote the offer.
  5. Limit sales to 10 buyers (they will be different to your first ten buyers because they already read on ...
How To Write Your Book: Eat An Elephant (Pt 1)

How To Write Your Book: Eat An Elephant (Pt 1)

“They” always say that to eat an elephant, take one bite at a time.

Whoever eats elephants anyway?

The principle holds true, though. If you have a big hairy task in front of you that seems onerous and huge, start somewhere and start small.

So it is with writing a  book.

1-day-ill-write-a-book Here’s a method for getting it done in a relatively painless manner.

  1. Decide on your overall theme or overriding topic
  2. Break that up into a series of smaller themes or sub-topics
  3. Pick one sub-topic you know enough about or research one to gather information
  4. Write 10 – 20 pages on that sub-topic. That’s 3000-6000 words, give or take. Oh, and try to write it in ONE sitting. Clear your desk, your mind and your computer screen. Dedicate read on ...