How To Write a Book: Eat an Elephant (Pt 2)

How To Write a Book: Eat an Elephant (Pt 2)

Great, so we have chapter one underway and indeed published!  Read on for the next instalment of this clever plan to finalise your book and build your business.

Now to phase two.

  1. Write the next 10-20 pages by choosing another sub-topic.
  2. When complete, email it to your list of 10 customers as a bonus for buying the first chapter.
  3. Update your sales page to include benefits from the second chapter,
  4. Sell the new chapter at $11 and promote the offer.
  5. Limit sales to 10 buyers (they will be different to your first ten buyers because they already have the bonus copy!)

So, now you have twenty customers and another $110.

Continue in this fashion. Each week, write the next chapter, up the price by $1 and limit sales to ten buyers.

rinse Rinse and repeat.  Same process each week. New chapter each week. For as many chapters as you need.

By the time you get to your tenth chapter, you will have 100 new customers on your list and have a revenue total of $1450

Now that’s pretty nifty, isn’t it?

Alright, so you never really wanted to write a book. That’s ok. Each week’s chapter can be an audio instalment or a video instalment. I’d just argue that in addition to any audio or video media that you have a supplemental printed material, even if it’s just a ‘cheat sheet’ or ‘quick guide’.

I’ve been asked will this work for other than information products? Absolutely. Just add to the content each week, provide regular bonus upgrades for your previous buyers and sell each new issue to new buyers. That way you build your revenue, build your list and build your business.

By the end of this you will have your book, or equivalent. Then you can sell that as a single product as well for a much more appropriate amount.

The key to this magical system is to ensure you provide original, quality content that people want to buy. Make sure it is informative, applicable and well written.

Off you go then and grab your knife and fork to start dining on your elephant, one mouthful at a time!

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