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WordPress 4.3 Is Live: Billie Holliday

    Named after the legendary jazz singer, Billie Holliday, WordPress 4.3 is now up and running. There are a five improvements I really appreciate: You can use a hashtag # to signify a headline when typing into the editor You can use an asterix as a shortcut for a bullet point. It’s much easier to keep a consistent brand – by placing your logo or icon in the Customizer it will populate browser tabs, bookmarks and more no matter what theme you switch to Beefing up the Customizer a tad more, you can now set up menus in it What I really love… Read More »WordPress 4.3 Is Live: Billie Holliday

    * Tech Tip For The Day **

      Can People Easily Access Your Files? WordPress Users: Do this now – enter your website address in your browser with /wp-content/uploads at the end. If you can see anything like what you see in this image … … so can everyone else. And they can tap into anything in those links. This is a real danger if you use the upload feature to load in pdf files etc. By adding an empty index.php page in your uploads folder then you can block some unauthorized access! You can add an index.php to your download folder as well. What this does is… Read More »* Tech Tip For The Day **

      Essentials After Installing WordPress

        I was hunting down a solution today for a niggling issue I have with one of my WordPress sites. There’s always something to annoy you when you develop and run your own websites! Anyways I came across this post and thought it was brilliant for when you’re setting up a new WordPress install. Use this guide next time you have to install WP and life will be much easier (and safer!).

        WordPress Admin Plugins

          If you’re like me, I usually only worry about user interface plugins to enrich the customer experience. But as I have so many blogs now I find it useful to look for operational efficiency on the back end. So I was glad to find this post, again by the brilliant folks at ProBlogDesign. I’ve installed a few of these now and they have made my life way easier. See if any float your boat!

          WordPress: Showing Home + Static Page

            Hi folks

            I can’t believe how easy a solution was available for this problem, and I fixed it myself after hours of searching!

            I set up a new website using WordPress. No issue. Normally when I set one of these up I just use the blog posts as the first page and never have to to encounter this problem.

            However, this time I wanted to set up a Static Page as my Home Page. No biggie – WordPress has that functionality right under the hood. Go to Settings/Reading/Front Page Displays and select “static page” then choose which page you want as your new ‘home’ or front page and where you want to refer to your blog posts. Easy as.

            Trouble was when I did that I ended up with both two navigation menu items highlighted as the home page. Grrr. I figured this must be a commonRead More »WordPress: Showing Home + Static Page