* Tech Tip For The Day **

* Tech Tip For The Day **

Can People Easily Access Your Files?

WordPress Users: Do this now
– enter your website address in your browser with /wp-content/uploads at the end.

If you can see anything like what you see in this image …

index.php protection
… so can everyone else. And they can tap into anything in those links. This is a real danger if you use the upload feature to load in pdf files etc.

By adding an empty index.php page in your uploads folder then you can block some unauthorized access! You can add an index.php to your download folder as well. What this does is stop access if someone types in your web address and that folder name eg mydomain.com/downloads.

Here is one you can use – right click and save as. Then upload to your directory via ftp. You can create your own. Just create a new empty php file in your editor and call it index then upload it.

I say it will stop “some” because if someone really wants to pass around a web address of your ebooks etc. or knows how to hack your site, they will, but this will stop a lot of those attempts.

Another little brick in the wall of defense 🙂

Have a safe and secure day, folks!

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