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wordpress database backup

WordPress, Cutline, Archives and Backup!

    There are time online when you are not just a marketer but you become a tech-head too. Yesterday I mucked up my blog.

    I had been using the Cutline theme by maestro Chris Pearson. It’s an older theme but I like it’s visual simplicity. I noticed in the Cutline Options sub-menu that you could create an Archives page easily.

    I clicked the “enable archives page” in Cutline Options. Then I set up the archive page in the Pages submenu. Voila … I had an archives page.

    Whoa!! Wait a minute. Now the Archives page is my default first page and I can’t figure out how to change it.  I failed to notice the little extra text underneath the ‘enable’ button that said this would make the Archives page my First Page. So no matter what I did, the Archives page hijacked my site and I couldn’t get my site to show my posts asRead More »WordPress, Cutline, Archives and Backup!