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Writing Media Releases

    Dale Beaumont gives some top ideas on how to find content that appeals to newsmakers so you can get some PR for you business or product or service. Here is my summary followed by his video.

    1. New eg new report reveals, new legislation and how to deal with it, what is new that you have done
    2. Successful eg what has been successful about what you’ve done eg nominated for an award, eg local author launches book in panama
    3. Story behind the story eg Justin Herald started multi mill business with $50 borrowed from brother, eg turning points, life changing experiences, etc
    4. Statistics – media love stats so get hold of them, don’t need to be own surveys – use others results and bring them to light
    5. Perfect Timing – things you know are coming up can be timed with events, eg increase in interest rates if you’re a mortgage broker, travel warning if you’re a travelRead More »Writing Media Releases