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Product Creation Strategy – Using PLR

      If you want to create your own product (and why wouldn’t you?), then buying PLR or Private Label Rights content is a quick and easy way to do it. PLR is the digital version of “white label” products. Simply put, someone manufactures a product, say cereal and sells that product to other companies who then put their own brand on it and resell it as their own. Same with PLR. With PLR you get the benefits of having a ready-to-go product without having to start from scratch creating it yourself. That reduces your time to get your product to the market… Read More »Product Creation Strategy – Using PLR

    7 More Tips To Easily Get Ideas and Create Hot Products: 2 of 5

      Creating your own information products seems really daunting at first but once you get into the swing of it, it becomes fun and you realise that you are providing useful information for your audience. The biggest challenge people seem to have in creating information products is in coming up with good ideas. My series this week is designed to give you lots of neat ideas you can use. Each day you can pick one idea and make use of it. Here is today’s pick. Notes below the video. Find a specific niche. Consider an area that is a little unique… Read More »7 More Tips To Easily Get Ideas and Create Hot Products: 2 of 5

      How to Create a Product: Part 1

        Creating information products is a popular model of running a business online. The major advantage of it is that you get to keep all the profits from your sales. Now that is pretty compelling 🙂 Previously I recommended thinking about a pipeline of products. Firstly, a lead-in free offer in exchange for an email address. Then a trio of products based on a good – better – best concept to offer for sale at different price points. A key element in the plan is to logically align the product range. Actually, I walked into Good Guys the other day to… Read More »How to Create a Product: Part 1