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Blogging Tools For You

Blogging Tools For You

Love it when you search for something and come up with something else equally as useful and these are great!

I fell upon Mandi’s site and noticed she had some tools for bloggers so I thought I’d share the love.

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How To Write Better

How To Write Better

Ok so here’s the deal. I’m checking out this new gizmo to really motivate the writing habit.

See, people on forums and blogs that I read are invariably fessing up about the fact that they know they have to write / love to write / want to write but just don’t do it. For whatever reason.

It could be that ‘blank sheet = blank mind’ kind of thing.

Or maybe they have so many ideas popping into their head they don’t know where to start.

For some it’s a matter of not feeling worthy ‘but so many people have written about this before and so much better, what have I got to contribute, who’d want to hear me say it” or some other variation of self doubt.

The whole point being that either people then procrastinate before actually getting the writing read on ...

How To Write Your Book: Eat An Elephant (Pt 1)

How To Write Your Book: Eat An Elephant (Pt 1)

“They” always say that to eat an elephant, take one bite at a time.

Whoever eats elephants anyway?

The principle holds true, though. If you have a big hairy task in front of you that seems onerous and huge, start somewhere and start small.

So it is with writing a  book.

1-day-ill-write-a-book Here’s a method for getting it done in a relatively painless manner.

  1. Decide on your overall theme or overriding topic
  2. Break that up into a series of smaller themes or sub-topics
  3. Pick one sub-topic you know enough about or research one to gather information
  4. Write 10 – 20 pages on that sub-topic. That’s 3000-6000 words, give or take. Oh, and try to write it in ONE sitting. Clear your desk, your mind and your computer screen. Dedicate read on ...