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As we stumble upon quality training online that’s free and help us learn the business of internet marketing we’ll log it here. Add any you know of and we’ll check them out to include if they help people learn how to make money online.


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Mel Day is a self confessed workaholic with an insatiable curiosity and a need to nut things out. Her site here is a place where she gets to do all these things while helping others in the process!

    • Thanks for stopping by Amit. Think of it as starting any business. Two things need to happen:
      1. you need to have a product or service to sell;
      2. people need to be prepared to pay you for that product or service.
      Everything falls out of that.
      Avoid being seduced by ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes of which there are many. If you have money it may be worth being guided by someone as a coach or mentor – just make sure they are truly successful ie check their credentials. If you don’t have money to invest in starting up, there is a mountain of free information about. The difficulty is sorting out the dross from the useful.
      The key is to think long about those earlier two points, make a choice and stick with iot until it produces.
      I’d also suggest you look around for Dennis Becker’s $5 a day ebook – he has lots of good strategies to start earning money online.
      Finally, never give up. If it isn’t working, find a way to make it work by learning more.

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