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SEO Tip – Install Broken Link Plugin

    Broken links or outdated links can really harm your SEO efforts. Getting ranked is problematic if search engines see lots of 404’s and more being returned. In migrating a website from one CMS platform to another I chose to use an online broken link checker. There are a few available for free. Some will give a complete listing, others will give a sample. Some will check all your site, some you can just check a directory. I am running my development on a test site. Using the online tools was useful but tedious. If all else fails – check the… Read More »SEO Tip – Install Broken Link Plugin

    Google's 404 page

    How to Improve your 404 Error Page

      A 404 page exists to acknowledge an error. It usually occurs when a link is wrongly-typed, a post has been moved, or a page or post was deleted. Consequently, the server can’t find the page or post and so serves up the “page not found”. Some themes come with a basic 404 page. This can be enhanced. Test your site. Type your address with a page you know doesn’t emxist eg http://your If you have a 404 template it will pop up. If you don’t, you will get a page served by your webhost and often they are unappealing. The purpose of improving… Read More »How to Improve your 404 Error Page

      WordPress 4.3 Is Live: Billie Holliday

        Named after the legendary jazz singer, Billie Holliday, WordPress 4.3 is now up and running. There are a five improvements I really appreciate: You can use a hashtag # to signify a headline when typing into the editor You can use an asterix as a shortcut for a bullet point. It’s much easier to keep a consistent brand – by placing your logo or icon in the Customizer it will populate browser tabs, bookmarks and more no matter what theme you switch to Beefing up the Customizer a tad more, you can now set up menus in it What I really love… Read More »WordPress 4.3 Is Live: Billie Holliday

        website performance - online marketing

        Website Plugins and Performance

          Today was one of those days. I planned to complete a project. Then I had a minor issue on a website. Then I started searching for a solution. That led me to making improvements to two of my websites. And absorbing about 4 hours of my time! I could have stopped and got back on plan. But that curiosity got me hooked in to working out a solution. So I checked me sites on GTMetrix – they give a great breakdown of what’s needed to improve your site performance with details of what to do – and it’s FREE! Top service.… Read More »Website Plugins and Performance

          Customising Webfolio Theme – 3

            The blog I have WEBFOLIO installed on has been getting rusty and I noticed yesterday that the Featured Slider had some old dated content. So here is how to remove any content from the slider. Go to the post you want to take off the slider. Underneath the post in CUSTOM, delete “featured”, “featured Image” and the content to the right of those fields ie the feature number and the image location. Then hit publish. Voila – the slider now does not have that content featured. Series :