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SSL Certificates : Installing on Your 1and1 Website

    Setting up an SSL certificate is not only good business, it’s essential SEO practice! (SSL adds and extra layer of security between a browser and your website via an encrypted link) People are becoming aware of SSL – looking for that “https” sign, either through a little green icon or a lock or some other indicator. It’s a sign of trust and security … to a degree. At the least it makes people feel that they are dealing with a site that looks after their data. On top of that, search engines are giving preference in their algorithms to sites… Read More »SSL Certificates : Installing on Your 1and1 Website


    Best Free Mind Mapping Tools

      I have been mind mapping since Tony Buzan promulgated the concept – it was a huge bonus to my corporate work and enabled me to take rapid notes in meetings, sketch out projects, outline courses and capture daily to-to’s. Usually I’d do these the old fashioned way with pen and paper or on a whiteboard. They work great but like everything these days there’s now an app for that. In fact, lots of apps. There’s heavy competition in the field of mind mapping software. These days I work across PC and Mac environments so finding mind mapping software or apps… Read More »Best Free Mind Mapping Tools

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      Why You Need a Schedule for Internet Marketing

        Hey! It’s Easter. Happy Easter to you in whatever way is meaningful for you. Given you most likely have a little time on your hands around now then it’s a good time to do a bit of reflection on your business. Let’s take a look at your schedule. Schedule? “What schedule?” I hear you ask. Ahh then listen up! If you really want to make solid progress in your online marketing efforts then a schedule is what you need to have. It’s one of those basic building block of business. Keeping everything you have to do in your head is… Read More »Why You Need a Schedule for Internet Marketing

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        21 Content Types to Inspire You

          Sometimes we get writer’s block and just need a nudge to think about what to write. Tools like this are wonderful. I’ve printed it out to refer to when I get stuck – and to remind me to stay on target with audience needs.                                             Follow each of these and you’ve got 21 ready-to-be-consumed blog entries. Then start again, and again. Evergreen stuff. Source –

          Believe in the Impossible

            When things seems tough, difficult, insurmountable and impossible, it is easy to think things will never change. You get dejected, defeated and discouraged. Remember when our ancestors believed the earth was flat? Remember when it was believed no-one could run a mile in less than a four-minutes? If you feel something is impossible in your life or business right now, recognise it as simply a belief and beliefs can change. Science is always discovering new things … just like these penguins. Unbelievable, eh?

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            How To Be More Successful – Finish

              Success in the IM world is about getting your message out there and making money from it. Sadly, too many shoot themselves in the foot and wonder why it’s not happening for them. One popular way to shoot yourself in the foot is to never get anything done. Starting lots of projects is not going to make you money. Having tons of ideas is not going to make you money. Publishing finished products with a buy buttton gives you your starting point. You then have to market and promote the product so people can find it and buy it. Finishing… Read More »How To Be More Successful – Finish