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Hosting Videos in WordPress

    Hats off to Bruce Wedding from Mexico for some brutal, “just get it done” talk on a recent WF post:

    Quit screwing around and get an Amazon S3 account. There’s no money down, no monthly commitment, just pay for what you use at DIRT cheap rates. I’d be surprised if your bill is more than $1 a month. After that, produce MP4 files, upload using the S3 Organizer Add-in for Firefox, set the ACL to everybody and copy the url to the clipboard. Install the JW Player plugin for your blog and use the shortcode: [jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”″]
    If you want more protection, use S2Member and they have built in ways to really lockdown your videos making them impossible to share and very hard to download.

    s3Can’t get much clearer than that!

    Thanks Bruce. I had a similar issue about hosting videos offline when my government clients locked down access to YouTube. Now, I’m sorted.

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