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starting an online business

Online Business: Spin The Plates

    Something you have to work out when you start in internet marketing is how you sort out the minefields of information and decide which ballpark you want to play in.

    If you scan through my categories list you’ll get an appreciation  for the many different ways you can create a presence online and earn an income through one or a combination of methods.

    If you are building a business, it pays to understand what each one of these areas is and does. But don’t get caught up trying them all – you’ll be doomed to failure.

    The trick is to choose one that may suit your capabilities and develop it to the point where you are employing the techniques to best effect and have started to generate an income. Then build it so it continues to generate with little extra effort before moving on to the nextRead More »Online Business: Spin The Plates

    How To Quit Your Day Job

      I was on a webinar with Robert Plank recently and he had some great advice using his own experience for how to transition from paid employment to doing business online. Here’s my take of what he had to say…

      9 Ways To Get Ready For Quitting

      1. make sure you pay down your bills so the debt doesn’t hold you back and automate whatever bill paying you can to save time and energy
      2. learn while you earn … there are probably training courses you can do at work that will help you with your future online business. For example if you’re a policy writer, find out how you can legitimately learn copywriting generally or for the web
      3. look for things you do at work that you could teach others eg a systematic approach to something or do a videoRead More »How To Quit Your Day Job