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setting up a membership site

Membership Sites – Learning Set 1

    I’ve been focusing on building membership sites lately. They serve a real purpose for my offline businesses. Not knowing much about them I enrolled in a program with a couple of young guns who have a good handle on this space.  The course is great  I’ve learned a lot already but I’ve also noted some issues that come with running these sites.

    In this case, the guys put the course together from a live class which was conducted over a period. Now they have reopened the course to (what’s the opposite to ‘live? not appealing!) … let’s say a canned class. That is our program is not live but we use the same material that was derived for the original group. No issue with that  – leveraging product for income is perfectly fine.

    But here are the things that, as a consumer, I notice.

    The first issue is that many of the comments areRead More »Membership Sites – Learning Set 1