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Seagate in Australia

    I’ve had a Seagate external hard disk drive for years and it still works well – the only problem I had was I accidentally threw out the power cable (doh!) and had great difficulty with the folk at Seagate to understand the product I had and whether they had a replacement cable.

    Then I had a Maxtor One Touch III which still works fault-free today. I use it when I’m travelling to take a lot of my work files with me. It’s only 80gb (that was big when new!) but does the job.

    Earlier this year I upgraded the external hard drive I use for backups to a 1TB Maxtor. And it’s already making a very sick sound. Searching the internet I decided to stop trying to make it work by hooking it up to other computers as this may be causing damage. So, in my travels IRead More »Seagate in Australia