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What’s Your Excuse?

    I meet lots of people in my development work. 99% of those people join my workshops because they are not making progress; they’re not where they want to be, doing what they want to be doing. 100% of them have a reason why. And they’re all excuses. You’re either getting results or you’re giving reasons. Which are you? Become someone who makes progress. Get into this June Challenge – have a look here – or go to Stretch Yourself Challenge Workshop. (aff link)

    postponing - seneca

    What Are You Putting Off?

      Not sure about you but I sure am guilty at times of putting things off. Delaying until I have ‘enough’ information. Postponing decisions out of fear of making the wrong one. Problem is, the decision you need to make or act you need to take does not usually go away.  It either hangs over your head like a dark cloud or, it expands and blows up. Of course, this can be in any area of your life. Right now I’m postponing booking a holiday.  Why? Fear. At the end of the day it’s not uncommon for fear to be at… Read More »What Are You Putting Off?

      internet marketing and procrastination

      Procrastination: How To Beat It.

        Procrastination sucks. Really. It does. We can joke about it and take the mickey out of those who do it but it is a real problem. It’s mentally exhausting putting tasks off again and again each time knowing that you’re likely only delaying the inevitable. Avoidance becomes an art form but it doesn’t get any easier to live with it. Here are some ideas on how to overcome procrastination. Be Aware When You Procrastinate Start to notice when you’re in procrastination mode. It could be your to do list is full of important tasks but you pick the easier ones to… Read More »Procrastination: How To Beat It.

        Be Productive, Not Busy

          At times, we get caught up in the little things that we feel need to be done. Right now, for example, I am in clean up mode in my office. I can get so productive that I jump from one thing to the next and before I know it my space looks like a war zone, or a teenager’s bedroom!

          In cleaning up I cam across this quote I plucked out of Tim Ferris’s 4-hour Work Week book:

          “The size of your bank account doesn’t change by the number of hours you log in handling unimportant email or minutiae” Tim Ferris

          Every now and then I think we all need to be reminded of the priorities.

          It can be easy to focus on the easy things to do, like trolling through email and tidying up things so they are just so. InRead More »Be Productive, Not Busy