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How Do You Know You’re Being Unrealistic?

    You feel it in your body, or your mental state, or your mood. You feel overwhelmed, like you’re not achieving what you need or want to achieve. You rail against things.

    I have been trying to head into a full time life online without closing out the obligations from my former life. Sometimes you need to be realistic in your expectations of what you actually achieve, and focus on the priorities (especially ones impacting others).

    I realised I fell for the trap of the excitement and possibilities of the new and compared that to the drudgery of the admin of the old that I’d let slide.

    Time to stop being a child.

    I’m making plans for 2014 and they get clearer everyday.

    I am now consciously putting implementation on hold until I complete outstanding issues. Then I can kick off 2014 with an actionable plan, free of guilt or mental encumbrance. Fresh!

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    Eat That Frog – Time Management


      Cute, isn’t he?

      Why is it that the phrase is to get the monkey off your back when you’ve got an outstanding issue that is hanging around but to eat the frog when you need to do the thing you don’t want to do? Maybe that’s the elephant in the room! Ok, I’ll stop mixing metaphors.

      Maybe eating a frog is less unappealing than eating a monkey.

      Either way, I’m in the position of having to eat something.

      For the past two months I’ve been avoiding a couple of unpleasant / uninteresting / too-difficult tasks. Tasks relating to closing off my previous business.  I really can’t avoid them forever, as much as the child in me wants to! They just HAVE to get done and no amount of wishing and hoping on my part will make them go away or obviate the need to do them.

      So, today is the day.

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