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online marketing scams

Internet Marketing is a Scam!

    Yep. Heard it before.

    In fact, my family still say it to me. Especially when I disappear for days on end setting up new sites.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Surely it can’t take that long!”

    “Why are you bothering anyway?”

    “Just get a real job!”  … Yeah, right!

    Love that last one. I’ve had a real job. Many of them. Now I run businesses. One offline. Many online.

    So, when you hear people saying this business is a scam, they may not be talking about people like you and me. They’re talking about the equivalent of the ‘used-car-salesman’ type of internet marketer and regrettably there’s more than enough of them around.

    This business is genuine. IF you are running it as a business. Flick the idea of “you can have a website up and running in 27 minutes pouring money into your account while you sleep”.

    Firstly, it isn’t going to happen that fast. Sure you can get a websiteRead More »Internet Marketing is a Scam!