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Get Unstuck and Moving

    So, today’s question: what is stuck in inertia for you? Have you got the right things moving ahead, or are you still in stuck mode? Any movement is better than no movement. What one small thing can you do today to start moving that project forward? Go do it.

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    How To Be More Successful – Finish

      Success in the IM world is about getting your message out there and making money from it. Sadly, too many shoot themselves in the foot and wonder why it’s not happening for them. One popular way to shoot yourself in the foot is to never get anything done. Starting lots of projects is not going to make you money. Having tons of ideas is not going to make you money. Publishing finished products with a buy buttton gives you your starting point. You then have to market and promote the product so people can find it and buy it. Finishing… Read More »How To Be More Successful – Finish


      Do You Intend, Commit or Resolve to Get Things Done?

        In terms of getting tasks done and building new behaviours, the word du jour has become intent. I like intent. I intend a lot of things but it has never got me to where I wanted to be and I suspect that is because I think of the word as a noun rather than an adjective. When used as an adjective it is usually descriptive and future-focused Often used in affirmations. “I will write a blog post daily with intent” just doesn’t work for me but it’s a lot better than “I intend to write a blog post daily”. “The road… Read More »Do You Intend, Commit or Resolve to Get Things Done?

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        Are You Really Doing Enough?

          I’m in the process of putting my plans into play for 2014. Doing a little research around that, I came across a post on the Warrior Forum where a guy admitted that it took him 7, yes, seven years to get into the solid 5 figures … while holding down his day job!

          Now I don’t know about you, but I was impressed. Consistency is one of the keys to winning in business and this guy had worked, learned, implemented and improved as he went without giving up. His eye was on the prize – to replace his employment income, and he was in sight of doing that.

          Personally, I find my motivation surges and wanes and the overwhelm and lack of clarity can get the better of me. But it IS about staying the course and plugging away in a progressive manner.

          This guy claims to have had no plan. I call furfyRead More »Are You Really Doing Enough?

          How Do You Keep Going?

            Today, I’m tired. When I’m tired, everything seems so hard. Trying to juggle my normal business, my compliance issues, my health issues, my web assets and building my online systems … it’s hard to keep all the balls in the air. And I don’t even have a family I need to look after! How do you pick yourself up? How do you maintain momentum in getting things done for your online business? What systems or processes make it easier for you?