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Denis Becker


Get More Done : 30 Day Marketing / Productivity Plan

    One of my challenges from time to time is GETTING THINGS DONE.

    I can be powerfully productive at times and at other times I am really busy but don’t seem to achieve much.

    In a recent forum there were lots of people saying they were working hard but not earning anything/enough from their efforts in marketing online.

    I grabbed this and I recommend you do, too.

    The 30 Day Marketing Plan

    It’s a mammoth 118 pages but it has lots of darn simple and sensible guidance on how to be more productive in a focussed and result-oriented way to reach your goals.

    In addition there are a bunch of tools to really get this working for you.

    It’s written by Denis Becker, the Earn 1K aA Day Guy. He makes things easy to follow and you can’t fail if you follow the steps.

    The 30 Day Marketing Plan Denis Becker

    If you can’t get stuff done after reading this … maybe you need to get backRead More »Get More Done : 30 Day Marketing / Productivity Plan