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Do You Intend, Commit or Resolve to Get Things Done?

    In terms of getting tasks done and building new behaviours, the word du jour has become intent. I like intent. I intend a lot of things but it has never got me to where I wanted to be and I suspect that is because I think of the word as a noun rather than an adjective. When used as an adjective it is usually descriptive and future-focused Often used in affirmations. “I will write a blog post daily with intent” just doesn’t work for me but it’s a lot better than “I intend to write a blog post daily”. “The road… Read More »Do You Intend, Commit or Resolve to Get Things Done?

    Practice Makes Perfect: Get Habitual Results

      I run development programs with people who are looking to get more from their life. One thing people often say to me is, “I need to get results fast!”. I then ask them how long they’ve been living with this issue/problem/concern. Usually the answer is “years”. So it’s kind of unrealistic to expect instant results, don’t you think? Lots of people promise just that. What I can tell you after three decades in the people development industry is this: sustainable change on a personal level only comes about through changing your patterns of behaviour: your habitual ways of thinking, doing,… Read More »Practice Makes Perfect: Get Habitual Results