Writing Your eBook Well

Writing Your eBook Well

Writing an eBook can be daunting.

I know: I hesitated for some time. I used pre-written content for which had I had rights to break into writing my first ebook. It wasn’t wholly satisfying – I spent more time making it sound like me and getting the content right than it would have taken to have written one myself in the first place!

One thing that stopped me and others it seems is how to format an eBook and how to structure the all important call to action and ensure links back to you.

I like what John White has to say here:

“The about-page is rather busy and contains seven hyperlinks, but I tried to ensure that each of them would stand out at a glance:

  • a link to my online portfolio
  • a link to this blog
  • a SurveyMonkey link on which to harvest reader feedback
  • my e-mail address
  • a RetweetThis link
  • a link to my LinkedIn profile
  • a link to my Twitter profile

It’s not likely readers will engage me on all seven links, but they can easily find their preferred method of engagement and get there from the page.”

Quote Source: http://ventajamarketing.com/writingblog/2010/

I’m going to take this leaf out of his article and include some of those contact links in my next eBook.

What about you?

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