Writer’s Block: How To Put It Behind You

Writer’s Block: How To Put It Behind You


From time to time, I get writers block. For some reason, the ideas simply don’t come. There I sit just staring at the screen……..nothing happening. Or I just write something, delete it, write something else, delete it again. I suppose anyone who writes will get writers block at some point. Here are ways I manage to break through writers block.

Change the Method

If you work on your computer most of the time, use a pen and paper instead. Try moving to a different desk. Just write down some words, any words or brief ideas. By changing scenery and a different writing medium, you use a different part of your brain, and this can be just enough to jolt you out of your writing funk. Suddenly, you are full of ideas which you can scribble down quickly and refine later.

Go For A Walk

If changing the method doesn’t work, maybe you may need to get out of the house or office. Take a walk. Walk the dog. Just get moving around your neighbourhood, relax your mind, look at things you enjoy. Take the pressure off. When you are relaxed, more blood flows to the brain. When you do some light exercise, this also increases blood flow and your brain gets more vital oxygen. The fact that you are putting yourself in a relaxed state will mean you are more likely to get great ideas.

Switch: Read A Book

Even if you know a lot about the subject, reading a book on it can help. Getting someone elses point of view can trigger thoughts and make you think of things in a different way. Once you do this, it will stimulate fresh ideas in you. You can research around the subject or on related subjects. Learning more will make you a more energized writer and you will find that you will be inspired to write once again.

Focus On The Outline

If you feel like you can’t write, then why not promise yourself you will just write the outline? Write down four or five points that you want the reader to think about. Often, just doing this is enough to inspire me to write an article. Having the map of the article in your mind will make it easier to write, even if you do not write anything more just now, you will feel better about coming back to it and writing it at a later date now that you have a plan.

Do A Brain Dump

Sometimes we can feel as though there is too much in our heads and everything swirls around. It is more like writers overwhelm than writers block, but it can stop us writing! What I do is a brain dump: I write everything down that is filling up my head. It is a good idea to time yourself and do it against the clock. I usually allow two minutes to write everything, and I am often done before the two minutes are up. Then I can look at the paper in front of me and start to organize what I have written into what I can use for articles and what I cannot. Give your brain and pen the freedom to write anything that comes to mind. That way you can make a list of what needs to be done as well as what can be formulated into your article.

Have a go at using these tips -you really can overcome writers block with them. Taking a step back, taking some time away will give you a chance to regroup your thoughts and come back to your writing when you are at your inspired best!


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