Would You Rather Pay $67 or $599?

Would You Rather Pay $67 or $599?

When you want to develop your writing skills, there are a lot of options around, and I mean a LOT.

Not too long ago I did an 8 week course in creative writing. It was interesting enough but I don’t believe my skills improved much. I certainly didn’t produce anything – the course was a series of writing exercises. I definitely didn’t sell anything. I did pay $350 for the course.

At a Writers Festival I went to in August, many published writers were disparaging of the academic degrees advertised for Writing. Their experience told them that one learns by writing, and reading other writers. Those degrees cost around $15000 a year.

I just noticed this promo by a major magazine and online player. WRITERS DIGESTTheir 10 week course is $600.

I’ve been promoting a hands-on, practical program that runs for a full 12 months and covers planning, writing, marketing and publishing – the whole shebang. Taught by an ex-Professor who has published thousands of articles, books, reports in fiction and non fiction domains. Her quality, comprehensive program is just $67 until the end of Cyber Monday.What I love about this program is :

  • the breadth of coverage
  • the pragmatic approach
  • the freshness of the material
  • the quality of the content
  • j

  • the production values of program materials

Seriously, I’ve enrolled in this program because of all that. On top of that there is a great community of writers who I know will push me and hold me accountable: that doesn’t appeal to some but it works for me.

Oops – I got excited again, didn’t I?

The point is, there are oodles of options out there. Work out what you want to achieve, and then decide on the best solution for your needs and pocket.

Bear in mind the $67 price tag goes away tomorrow.

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