Why Publish on Kindle?

Why Publish on Kindle?

Amazon is the largest book supplier in the world.

Amazon has over 300 million registered users who buy more than $34 billion worth of goods and services. Simply, it’s B-I-G.

Their proprietary electronic eReader, the Amazon Kindle, is the leading product of its type and has become the brand icon in eReaders.

There are more Kindle books sold than any other on the planet.

And Amazon makes it so easy to self-publish!

Go here to sign up – https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/signin

Amazon gives you a TON of information on how to write a Kindle book, how to format a Kindle book and how to add pictures to a Kindle book.

So, why publish?

  1. because you have something to say
  2. you want to share information
  3. you want to be a published author


  1. you want to earn money from your writing
  2. you want to promote your writing for free


  1. you want to have someone else (ie Amazon) do the marketing and find customers for you

That is why Kindle publishing is so hot!

Stick around as we discover how to do it … and do it right.


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