When Life Gets Good

When Life Gets Good


It’s Sunday night and I’ve had a great weekend. I’m looking out at the boats bobbing like drunken sailors on the inky black silk of the harbour waters. The night sky above the Bridge is bristling with bats. Ferries quietly carry night owls home from the City and the train rumbles in the distance.

It’s a pretty good time for reflection. I can’t sleep anyway, mesmerised as I am with the winking lights of the Harbour!

On reflection, over the past week these were most of my productive tasks:
– one blog post a day for the week and 21 days into the Article Writing Challenge.
– those posts have automatically sprinkled themselves to my Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Twitter spaces quadrupling my reach from one piece of content
– my weekly blog digest was auto mailed this morning to subscribers
– created a number of graphics to accompany the posts, inspired by Cynthia and Bonnie
– redesigned my website header
– reformatted the website visual look and feel
– created graphic banners for affiliate products and set them up with links
– checked all affiliate links are live (because one was not – thanks for letting me know Victoria!)
– set up new landing page for http://plrbuzz.com
– redesigned logo, header and fav icon for website
– started adding product to store
– refreshed 2 short reports and their affiliate links
– created new report cover
– created two videos for publishing later
– revised slidedeck for future publication
– started setting up email sequence
– Challenge commenting and responding (tbc)

I credit the Challenge with kick starting my engines this past week. The responsibility of “having” to create content daily has been beneficial, even if most of that activity has not been revenue generating (at least not directly). The fact that I’ve stuck with this Challenge has been helpful in identifying productive versus unproductive habits. It’s given me a focus too.

I’ve mapped out a broad plan for next week. I head home tomorrow night and leave this stunning view. The photo was taken early this morning from the apartment window. I could cast a line and catch a fish from my bed I’m that close to the water! I also have a plan to kick some goals on that video challenge 😉

Life is good 🙂

How’s your week been?


10 thoughts on “When Life Gets Good

    1. Ooh .. maybe we need an email marketing challenge to help everyone be consistent! Glad you’re pleased with your output. Thanks Amanda.

  1. Wow – I agree with Cynthia. I felt like I was reading the opening of a novel. Cool.

    Thanks for the shout-out, glad I was able to help.

    I didn’t realise you made the graphics. These are fantastic.

    You have certainly achieved a lot over the last month – Excellent productivity – What a great example of what can be done when we make the effort eh?

    Congrats 🙂

  2. Mel,

    I love this post. The imagery you used read as if I were inside of a novel. 🙂 From the picture you posted, I can certainly understand why you like that view. There’s something about being near the water – it’s mesmerizing.

    You certainly did a lot last week – go you! Glad to see that Bonnie and I inspired you to add more graphics. It’s always nice when you can take away something from someone other than what’s found in their blog or video.

    Love your new header, graphics, and new website landing page. That scene looks tranquil as well. Here’s to another week of accomplishments as we push ahead.

    Good day Mel!

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