Ways to Get More Website Visitors

Ways to Get More Website Visitors

If you are using your website as a blog and doing it to satisfy your need to write then having lots of visitors to your site may not matter.

For most website owners, the site serves the purpose to generate leads, raise awareness or make sales. To do that, people need to be able to find and enjoy your site.

Building traffic is an entire topic on its own. For now let’s look at what you can do on your site to get more website visitors staying.

Ways To Encourage Visitors to Your Site

  • Speak to a specific audience about a specific topic and give your readers content they won’t find elsewhere. Make sure your content is original material written by you (or for you) and if it is PLR then ensure it is rewritten in a way to make it unrecognizable from the same PLR elsewhere online.
  • Provide something for free. Whether it’s an eBook, some software, a checklist, a contest, a directory listing, a forum, a sense of community – build a reason for them to come to your site and to return. Free is an easy entry level.
  • Set up an affiliate program if you have products or services for sale. Providing commission to others on their sales of your goods extends your reach beyond your circle.
  • Give away a sample of your product. The first chapter of your book, a 15 minute consultation over the phone, a ticket to a free webinar your’s holding
  • Think of a utility service that is related to your website purpose. For example if you have a weight loss website, can you put a BMI calculator on there for visitors to use?
  • Curate current new stories which tie into your website area of interest. Take an excerpt of a related story, put an introduction and summary in your own word explaining your view on the news item and ask for visitors thoughts.

When you stop to think of your website from the point of view of your visitor, it becomes clearer what kinds of things you can include to make your site more sticky.

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