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The Secret of Success Online

The Secret of Success Online

I love reading success stories, don’t you? Inspirational. Optimistic. Hopeful.

I came across a post on Yaro starek’s blog I was intrigued by how his colleague had come to enjoy the success he had. I have a theory.

When I was purely focused on bricks-and-mortar business and earning a living from that, I used to teach people starting up new businesses.  They were all starry-eyed and enthusiastic about the prospect of their future. They were excited about their product or service.  And as I glanced around the room as I was training them I could tell with a certain degree of certainty who were the ones most likely to succeed and who was going to struggle and probably not survive at all.

One of the indicators for success was

(a) if they had a family member who had a sucessful business and

(b) if they had previous experience read on ...